Undergraduate Expo 2008

The Expo provides an excellent opportunity for students to showcase their top-notch research, design and independent study projects. Participants of the University's Undergraduate Research, Senior Design, and Enterprise programs compete for cash prizes.

A distinguished panel of judges made up of University faculty members and corporate representatives critique the projects. This year more than 50 student presentations were made, and close to 100 student posters were on display, encompassing a variety of disciplines across campus.

Many of the projects on display at the Expo are sponsored by industry. Through sponsorship, industry is able to link up with fresh, new talent - and contribute significantly to student education and the mission of the University. Students gain professional experience   - and a chance to build their resumes through direct exposure to real world problems and competition.

The Expo is a combined effort of the College of Engineering and the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies, and hosted by the Department of Educational Opportunity, but participants, but participants represent many departments across campus.

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Expo poster session in Memorial Union Ballroom

Expo poster session in Memorial Union Ballroom

Click on the snapshot for a larger image.

View of the poster session in the ballroom.
View of the poster session in the ballroom.

Expo poster session in Memorial Union Ballroom
Expo poster session in Memorial Union Ballroom

Expo poster session in Memorial Union Ballroom
Expo poster session in Memorial Union Ballroom


Undergraduate Research
Sponsored by the Department of Educational Opportunity
Based on Abstract, Poster and Presentation

  • 1st $100.00
  • 2nd $75.00
  • 3rd $50.00

Senior Design Project
Sponsored by the College of Engineering
Based on Poster

  • 1st $150.00
  • 2nd $100.00
  • 3rd $75.00
  • Honorable Mention $50.00
  • Honorable Mention $50.00
  • Honorable Mention $50.00

Sponsored by the College of Engineering
Based on Poster and Presentation

  • 1st $300.00
  • 2nd $150.00
  • 3rd $100.00

Note that in the photos not all team members could always be present during the poster session.

Senior Design

1st Place Award Senior Design Projects

Spare Tire Beaming Damper
Department: Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics
Advisors: Dr. John Gershenson, Mechanical Engineering
Sponsor:   Chrysler LLC
Team Members Brian Mleziva, Erik Lundberg, Chris Isaacson, Stephen Riutta, and Keith White, Mechanical Engineering

Project summary

Certain models of the Dodge Ram truck line use tuned mass dampers to reduce vibration in the passenger compartment caused by the first bending mode of the frame. However, these mass dampers add 30 lbs to the total weight of the vehicle and increase the total overall cost. In an effort to reduce the total weight and cost of the vehicle, our engineering team is designing a spare tire mounting mechanism that will allow the spare tire to serve as the mass in the tuned mass damper. This configuration will allow the truck to ride smoothly by reducing the first bending mode of the frame, and will also reduce the cost and weight of the truck. Previous design efforts were unsuccessful in meeting Chrysler’s design constraints. If our device meets the requirements established by Chrysler, it will likely be incorporated into the 2010 Dodge Ram product line.

2nd Place Award Senior Design Projects

Shear Test System for Biological Tissue
Department: Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics
Advisors: Dr. Dennis Meng, MEEM
Sponsor:   Dr. Tammy Donahue, MEEM
Team Members Scott Garver, Kyle Larson, Christopher Moore, Kyle Pullen, and Tara Swanson, Mechanical Engineering

Project summary   

Our team 10 is tasked to design a biological tissue shear test system at the request of the sponsor, Dr. Tammy Haut Donahue. This test system will be used by the Skeletal Tissue Mechanics Lab to establish the shear properties of biological tissues, specifically meniscus. The lab utilizes live tissue in the shape of cylindrical explants. These explants have a diameter of 6mm and range in height from 2mm to 5mm. The biological tissue, meniscus in particular, is best compared to a fiber reinforced composite. The design concept that best meets these requirements is an inclined plane lap shear test fixture. The design allows the load to pass through the center of the sample while the hinged plates easily accommodate various sample thicknesses. The design requires one actuator allowing the team to adapt the Instron which is already part of the Skeletal Tissue Mechanics Lab.

3rd Place Award Senior Design Projects

Weldment to Casting Conversion for a Semi-Trailer Sand Shoe
Department: Materials Science & Engineering
Advisors: Dr. Mark Plichta, Materials Science and Engineering
Sponsor:   Brian Schulz, Quality and Metallurgy Manager at ThyssenKrupp
Team Members Leanne Sedar, Jarrod Cunnings, Greg Ross, Materials Science & Engineering; Josh Marion, Mechanical Engineering Technology

Project summary   

The Innovative Castings Enterprise (ICE) is working with ThyssenKrupp Waupaca to investigate taking a welded semi-trailer sand shoe and converting it into a cast component. The current sand shoe design is comprised of a welded assembly with at least two welds and at least three individual parts. The ICE team will determine if eliminating the welds and reducing the number of individual parts will yield a more cost effective sand shoe. If a viable design is developed, this will create new business for ThyssenKrupp.

Honorable Mention Award Senior Design Projects

Gas Generation and Storage Facility
Department: Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics
Advisors: Dr. Olanrewaju Aluko, MEEM
Sponsor:   Jeremy Worm, MEEM
Team Members Ravi Peketi, Ryan Bartholomew, Chanty Gober, Ravi Peketi, Sungjung Kim, and Clayton Tacey, Mechanical Engineering

Project summary   

Senior design team 7 is currently in the process of designing a gas generation and storage facility for Michigan Technological University’s Alternative Energy Research Laboratory. The room must be properly ventilated using HVAC procedures, methods and technologies. This would entail the designing of the entire ventilation system within the gas room and also the air compressor room. The design is to be aligned with the current renovations occurring throughout the entire building. Also, the room layout and design must adhere strictly to the National Fire Protection Agency Codes and Standards. In addition to being properly and safely ventilated the equipment within the room must transmit tolerable levels of noise to the above meeting room in order to create a comfortable work environment. This aspect of the project will require the aid of the acoustics and noise control course offered at MTU by Dr. Mohan Rao. The sponsor to the project is Mr. Jeremy Worm.

Honorable Mention Award Senior Design Projects

Hose Assembly Machine Design
Department: Mechanical Engineering – Engineering Mechanics
Advisors: Dr. William Endres Mechanical Engineering
Sponsor:   Anchor Coupling
Team Members Kenneth Abbott, Joshua Ehlers, Michael Lennon, Mitchell McDonald, Matthew Myers, and Charles Swan, Mechanical Engineering

Project summary

Our Senior Design team, an interdisciplinary team made up of six Michigan Technological University students, will be designing, building, and testing an Automated Hose Marking Process for Anchor Coupling’s Dixon, Illinois facility. This process will replace the current manual process of wrapping tape marks around the hose. Anchor Coupling wants the process automated to allow their orders to be completed faster and reduce the amount of labor involved in marking each hose. Anchor Coupling needs a machine that can handle most, if not all, of their hoses, which vary length, diameter, and coupling style. The color, position, and tape used must all be adjustable in order to be flexible in the face of changing customer specifications. The machine will be in a stand-alone station of the assembly line, and will be manually

Honorable Mention Award Senior Design Projects

Slope Stability Analysis of the CD-III Pit at Cleveland Cliffs Michigan Operations
Department: Geological & Mining Engineering and Sciences
Advisors: Wayne Pennington, Geological & Mining Engineering and Sciences and James Murray Gillis, Materials Science & Engineering
Sponsor:   Cleveland Cliffs Inc.
Team Members Jason Kneibel, Ben Beard, Michaela Polster, and Walter Rathbun Geological Engineering; Cody Suits, Geology

Project summary

The Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences Department 2007-2008 Senior Design Team was commissioned to perform a slope stability study on an open pit mine operated by Cleveland-Cliffs Inc. located in Ishpeming, Michigan. The area of study, CD-III pit’s Hanging Wall slope of the Tilden Mine, is a 3,000 foot long by 500 foot tall wall composed of iron formation rock sloping approximately 37 degrees to the pit bottom. This project is significant because it allows students to both work along side professionals in an actual work site while performing a task similar to that of a hired consultant. A GPS laser instrument was utilized by keying in on planar wall features to measure the structural geology of the wall. Field geology and geotechnical methods were used to determine the slope stability of the wall. Using this information, a final report with data and recommendations was compiled.

Undergraduate Research

1st Place Award Undergraduate Research Presentation

Release of Interleukin-10 from Agarose/Methylcellulose Blended Hydrogel for Spinal Cord Injury Applications
Department: Biomedical Engineering
Advisors: Dr. Ryan Gilbert, Biomedical Engineering
Sponsors Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF)
Student Researchers Rebecca Klank, Biomedical Engineering


After initial spinal cord injury (SCI), a secondary, inflammatory injury response leads to further neuronal death. Thus, therapies are being developed to attenuate inflammation following SCI to spare neurons and improve regenerative outcomes. Interleukin-10 (IL-10) is a cytokine that modulates the inflammatory response.  In this study, IL-10 was incorporated into a hydrogel blend consisting of agarose and methylcellulose and the release into solution was characterized.Bioactivity and release rate of the IL-10 was confirmed using an enzyme linked immunosorbent assay.  IL-10 was released from the hydrogel over several days. These data suggest that IL-10 can be loaded into a hydrogel, and be delivered locally over a sustained period of time without altering the activity of the cytokine. Therefore, this hydrogel, loaded with IL-10, has potential to reduce inflammation over a sustained period of time and reduce secondary injury effects in the damaged spinal cord.

2nd Place Award Undergraduate Research Presentation

Groundwater Investigations Using Resistivity Surveys on a Terminal Moraine, Bering Glacier, Alaska
Department: Geological & Mining Engineering and Sciences
Advisors: Dr. John Gierke and Dr. Wayne Pennington, Department of Geological & Mining Engineering and Sciences
Sponsors: United States Bureau of Land Management Michigan Tech Research Institute
Student Researchers Kevin Endsley, Silvia Espino, and Joshua Richardson, Applied Geophysics


The Bering Glacier is the largest glacier on the North American continent. Freshwater generated by the annual melting of this glacier flows directly into Vitus Lake, which borders the glacier terminus, and is discharged into the Gulf of Alaska via the Seal River. Water budget analyses in this area indicate that the annual discharge of freshwater from glacial melting exceeds the capacity of the Seal River. Furthermore, Vitus Lake is saline at depth, which may be caused by subterranean intrusion of saltwater. These observations have led to the hypothesis of significant amounts of freshwater discharging to the Gulf as subterranean groundwater flow, overriding tidally influenced saltwater intrusion. The primary purpose of this investigation was to map the interface between the freshwater aquifer and the inferred underlying saltwater wedge. This investigation employed the geophysical technique of electrical resistivity sounding, which allows contrasts in electrical resistivity/conductivity in the subsurface to be resolved.

3rd Place Award Undergraduate Research Presentation

Anisotropic Micro-fibrous Scaffolds for Nerve Regeneration Applications
Department: Biomedical Engineering
Advisors: Dr. Ryan Gilbert, Department of Biomedical Engineering
Student Researchers Jared Cregg, Sarah McIntyre, and Matthew Trombley, Biomedical Engineering; Han Bing Wang, Chemical Engineering


Following spinal cord and peripheral nerve injury, regenerating axons encounter natural environments that are not suitable for growth. Systems that modify these environments to allow axonal regeneration are of interest for promoting functional recovery after injury. In this study, a novel material that incorporates physical and chemical guidance cues for directed axonal regeneration was developed by adsorbing a gradient of the neurostimulatory protein laminin-1 onto aligned micro-fiber scaffolds. Sensory neurons from chick embryo were isolated and cultured on scaffolds to evaluate material performance. We suggest that these scaffolds may act as a growth permissive substrate and provide axons with necessary guidance cues for regeneration following injury.

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Enterprise Awards

1st Place Award Enterprise Poster Presentation

Integrated Microsystems Enterprise
Department: Electrical & Computer Engineering
Advisors: Dr. Paul Bergstrom, Electrical & Computer Engineering and Dr.
Craig Friedrich, Mechanical Engineering
Sponsor: NSF WIMS, Michigan Tech, V.I.O. Inc., and General Dynamics
Land Systems
Student Registrant: Lewis Sweet and Josh Lecker, Computer Engineering

Project Summary   

The Integrated Microsystems Enterprise (IME) is a team of
undergraduate students investigating and app;ying microsystem
technologies to real-world engineered systems. The Enterprise Program provides students direct experience over the course of three years in a student-run enterprise to add real-world engineering challenges to the more traditional undergraduate educational experience. Students operate a virtual company with measurable deliverables. To accomplish this, students take up to 16 credit hours composed of project credits; complete short -course modules that include communications, management, finance, and other key areas; and develop and market a product or service. Students are encouraged to begin their sophomore year and continue until graduation.

2nd Place Award Enterprise Poster Presentation

Blue Marble Security
Department: Electrical & Computer Engineering
Advisors: Glen Archer, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Sponsor: General Dynamics Land Systems, Superior Diesel, General Motors Foundation, Aaron Ellison
Student Registrant: Nils Stenvig, Electrical Engineering, Sean Butts,
Electrical/Computer Engineering

Project Summary  

Blue Marble is a group of undergraduate students who have
formed a virtual company of American and international students focused on securing the future through thoughtful use of technology. Our student-led virtual company combines a rich educational experience in engineering design, team building, project management, and original product development. Blue Marble is developing a student-owned Enterprise culture that fosters high professional standards, creativity, productivity, and a burning desire to learn. We intend for our graduates to be ready for the world’s most challenging careers as they complete the Enterprise Program. Our engineering and product development teams fall into two major business areas - industry sponsored R&D and commercial product development. Within these two areas we have 11 projects underway across a variety of technology areas

3rd Place Award Enterprise Poster Presentation

International Business Ventures
Department: Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies, School of Business and Economics
Advisors: Dr. Robert Warrington, Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies; Anne Warrington, School of Business; Dr. Michael Neuman, Biomedical Engineering; and Edward Romero, Mechanical Engineering
Sponsor: J. Edgar McAllister Foundation, Michigan Technological University
Student Registrant: Laurilee Kroll, School of Business, Keith Magic,
Biomedical Engineering

Project Summary   

The goal of the International Business Venture Enterprise is to integrate students of different disciplines to successfully develop and bring products to market. The enterprise strives to work with international companies and universities and the members learn many teaming and relational skills. Overall, the enterprise will help members gain an understanding of what is necessary to design, develop, and market a product in both the US and abroad.

Awards for High School Enterprise Teams

"Best Business Oriented Project" - Calumet HS

Calumet High School, Calumet
Advisors: Eric Rundman, C. J. Belill
Sponsors: Michigan Technological University, C. J. Upholstery
Team Members: Jordan Kronshage, Nick Harris, Tom Raasakka, Wade Pietila, Danny Karrio, Chris Joosten, Brent Anderson, Tim Basto, Jenny Isaacson, Jared Hyrkas, Marc Madigan, Caneshia Harris, Hurricane Hamilton, and Ryan Johnson

Overview: The team aims to produce working models and detailed project plans for affordable, functional, nontraditional housing ncorporating renewable energy and high efficiency technology. Eventually, these plans and components could be sold to the public. In addition, completed prototypes and models could be rented or sold, providing revenue for the C-L-K School District. A website with links to vendors could also provide a source of commission revenue. The project for 200708 blends old technology with new. Students are researching, designing, and constructing a yurt using a variety of materials and processes. Methods of heating and cooling the yurt, insulation factors, and the use of solar power and battery banks to provide electricity will also be investigated.

"Best Use of Advanced Technology" - Utica HS

Utica High School, Utica
Advisors: Geoff Clark, Scott Spry, Warren Day
Sponsors: Michigan Technological University, Utica Education Foundation
Team Members: Katie Thudium, Alex Baril, Danny Helou, Allen Kirma, Kyle Holdwick, Kyle Gill, Peter Gjonaj, Kristen Florence, and Travis Koss

Overview: Our aim is to build an underwater ROV that can successfully participate in the Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE) underwater ROV regional competition held in Alpena, Michigan, on April 19, 2008. We are creating a design, building prototypes, working in teams, and communicating with other students, teachers, and professionals. Team members must consider and analyze the financial aspects of the project and master technologies well beyond the scope of normal classroom activities.

"Best Interdisciplinary Teamwork" - Cass Tech HS

Cass Technical High School, Detroit
Advisor: Constance Montgomery
Team Members: Ashley McBride, Lynette Webb, Zulhaj Choudhury, Joshua Long, Everett Rasheed, William Hearn, Amber Scaffold, Kenneth Smith, Charles Goldman, and Jazzalyn Smith

Overview: The team meets twice a week for two hours to design and build computer games. Students are grouped by their interest. Teams of three to five students work on programming, art work, writing, storyline, and music. Students use software programs (Paint, Photoshop, and PowerPoint) to help formulate their thoughts and keep track of the groups progress. Torque X Builder and XNA Gaming Studio Express are used to develop game layouts and programming code. The first level of the game is in production.

Note that in the photos not all team members could always be present

Annual Enterprise Awards

In addition to the Enterprise awards for best poster/presentation in the Undergrad Expo, teams are encouraged to submit nominations in several different award categories which reflect effective operation of the Enterprise team. Nominations are reviewed by Enterprise Student Advisory Board Members and winners in each category are selected by the Enterprise Governing Board.
The Enterprise Product/Service of the Year Award goes to the team which develops the most unique or useful product or service with demonstrated commercial or technical impact and marketability. This year's award goes to the Consumer Product Manufacturing Enterprise for its development of the KBC canning line Rinsing and Drying apparatus.
The Enterprise Website of the Year Award goes to the team which has
the best website in terms of ease of navigation, quality, professionalism, design and maintenance. This year's award goes to the
Blue Marble Security Enterprise.
The Enterprise Management Team of the Year Award goes to the team which has the most effective management team in terms of effectiveness, leadership, professional development, ability to create a cohesive and motivated team and quality. This year's award is shared by two teams...Consumer Product Manufacturing and Integrated Microsystems Enterprise.
The Most Improved Enterprise Team of the Year Award goes to the team which demonstrates the most significant improvements in terms of operation, growth, and accomplishments. This year's award goes to a fairly new enterprise which over the past year has doubled in size while effectively streamlining processes and developing innovative new products....the BoardSport Technologies Enterprise.
Most Community Involvement and
Best Faculty Advisor.
Award goes to two teams this year.
The first award goes to a team which not only did many community
outreach projects throughout the year, but also embarked on a 2000 mile road trip around Lake Michigan to showcase their vehicle at schools and communities along the way. The second award goes to a team which logged many hours in mentoring local high school and middle school students as well as engaging in community outreach projects like raking leaves and hosting learning workshops. This year's winners in the Most Community Involvement category are Challenge X and FIRST Robotics Enterprise.
The Best Faculty Advisor Award was introduced by the Enterprise Student Advisory Board this year and is intended to recognize advisors who routinely demonstrate those qualities that support the success and achievement of an enterprise team such as effective mentorship, dedication and enthusiasm. We are fortunate to have such a strong team of faculty advisors, all of whom deserve an award for their hard work and dedication, and for that reason the selection of this year's award winner was a difficult one. One team articulated their advisor's role best when they described his enthusiastic encouragement, his casual but professional approach with the team, and his willingness to help where needed, but to step back and let students take the lead as much as possible. This year's Best Faculty Advisor award goes to Dr. Paul Bergstrom of the Integrated Microsystems Enterprise.


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2008 Undergrad Expo Judges

Industry Judges

Hal Seppala, retired 3M Corp.
Mike Esch, Integra Life Sciences
Will Poirier, GM
Jeff Larson, Greatbatch
Tim Zdrazil, Kimberly Clark
Ray Hayes, American Electric Power
Dave Perry, BAE Systems
John Beck, Oshkosh Corp
Brian Wendt, Superior Diesel
Tim Shuman, Superior Diesel
Jennifer Becker, University of Maryland
Barbara Bennett, NewPage Corp
Faith Binns, Retired Dow Chemical
Michele Blau, IBM
Marie Cleveland, FedEx Corp.
Janet Delecke, Chrysler Corp.
Peg Gale, School of Forest & Environmental Resources
Sally Heidtke, UP Special Delivery
Patricia Henderson, Cygamy, Inc.
Sabina Houle, Intel Corp.
Mary Korpi, Newmont Mining Corp.
Cynthia Manninen Kring, Kalkaska Family Physicians
Jill Meister, UOP LLC
Caren Meyers, Johns Hopkins Univ. School of Medicine
Susan Michaelson, Marquette University
Laura Nagel, Ford Motor Company
Kimberly Nowack, Mackinac Bridge Authority
Kerry Maloney Sutton, MI Concrete Paving Assoc
Judy Hartman Swann, US Patent & Trademark Office
Susan Trahan, formerly with Boston Scientific
Karin Van Dyke, Portage Health System
Barbara Wade, Weyerhaeuser
Nancy Wizner, Redwood National & State Parks
Joe Defilippi, US Steel Corp.

Michigan Tech

Leonard Bohmann, Associate Dean, College of Engineering
Gretchen Hein, Engineering Fundamentals
Jim Frendewey, School of Business & Economics
Bill Kennedy, Ctr. for Teaching, Learning & Faculty Dev.
Donna Michalek, Mechanical Eng.–Eng. Mechanics
Lynn Artman, Research & Sponsored Programs
Yu Cai, School of Technology
Kris Matilla, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Jim Baker, Technology & Economic Development
Craig Waddell, Humanities
Abdul Alaraje Nasser, School of Technology
Norma Veurink, Engineering Fundamentals
Gloria Melton, Dean of Student Affairs
Mike Morley, Technology & Economic Development
Rick Berkey, Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies
Valorie Troesch, Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies
Mary Raber, Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies
Tess Ahlborn, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Chris Anderson, Office for Institutional Diversity
Ruth Archer, Retired, Aerospace Studies
Linda Phillips, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Sean Clancey, Chemical Engineering
Dana Johnson, School of Business & Economics
Ellen Horsch, VP for Administration


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Many thanks to our Industry Sponsors


ABSL Power Solutions



Amerace - Microporous Products, L.P.

American Axle and Manufacturing

American Electric Power

Analytical Graphics Incorporated

Anchor Coupling

Architectural Metals

BAE Systems

Robert Bosch LLC

Boston Scientific Corporation



Chrysler Corporation Fund

Cleveland Cliffs Inc.

Cummins, Inc.

DENSO North American Foundation

Department of Energy

Dickinson-Iron Intermediate School District

Patrick Eddy

Eastern Alloys, Inc.

Aaron K. Ellison

Ford Motor Company


General Dynamics Land Systems

General Motors Corporation

General Motors Foundation

HGS Aerospace

Houghton High School

ITC Holdings, Corp.

J. Edgar McAllister Foundation

John Deere

Keweenaw Brewing Company


Laurium Manor Inn

Mercury Marine

Michigan Tech Enterprise Corporation (MTEC)

Microporous Products, L.P.

Mont Ripley


Mulholland Inc.

National Science Foundation

National Science Foundation—WIMS

Oshkosh Corporation

Raytheon Missile Systems

Rexair LLC

Roehl Transport

Dr. Mike Roggeman


Square D

Superior Diesel

Superior Graphics

T2 Communications, LLC

Terex Handlers


Bob and Ellen Thompson

Thrivent Lutheran's Foundation

ThyssenKrupp Waupaca Foundries

Trijicon Inc.

United States Steel


V.I.O. Inc

Volcon Materials

Volvo Construction Equipment

Wind River

University Transportation Center for Materials in Sustainable Transportation Infrastructure (MiSTI)

And many more!

Expo Social & Awards Ceremony
& CenTILE Elevator Speech Competition

FedEx Corporate Account Executive Marie Cleveland, Michigan Tech Class of ’82, Business Administration, delivered the keynote address at the Expo Awards Ceremony in Fisher Hall

Dr. Robert Mark of School of Business announces Expo Awards

First Place: Kyle Marsh and Lauralee Kroll - "CPR Mattress" pitch; Left to right, Dr. David Orozco and Dr. Paul Nelson of the School of Business presenting the award.

The CenTILE elevator pitch is a very important aspect of the Business Plan. The original idea behind an "elevator pitch" was that you must be able to succinctly and with enthusiasm tell your business idea to someone in the time it would take to ride up in an elevator with them. At the end of this "elevator ride" if you were successful they would want to learn more about your business plan idea.

CenTILE sponsored the first Annual MTU Elevator Pitch Competition in April 2008. Students had the opportunity to put a team together and pitch their business idea. Every student at MTU is eligible to enter the Elevator Pitch Competition. Students can enter as an individual or as a team. First place award was $1,000, second place was $500 and third place was $250.

2nd Place, Left to right, Duane Stephenson - "online market research company;" Dr. David Orozco and Dr. Paul Nelson of the School of Business presenting the award

CenTILE Elevator Speech Judges

3rd Place, Left to right, Anthony Mauric and Kyle Gibson - "digital cookbook" Dr. Paul Nelson and Dr. David Orozco of the School of Business presenting the award.


University Participants

College of Engineering
School of Technology
School of Business and Economics
College of Sciences and Arts
Forest Resources & Environmental Science
Department of Educational Opportunity
Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies

Special Thanks

To the many private and corporate sponsors,
and faculty advisors who support our
Enterprise, Senior Design,
and Undergraduate Research Teams
- a very special thanks!

To all the distinguished judges
who gave of their time and talents
to help make the Undergraduate Expo a success
- we can't thank you enough!

To all of the support staff
and the behind-the-scenes heroes
- you're the best!
We couldn't do it without you.

Download 2008 Michigan Tech Undergraduate Expo Download 2008 Michigan Tech Undergraduate Expo PDF 4.7 Mb

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April 23, 2008
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